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Loanwords along Richard Twiss's route in Spain, an illustrated traveller

6 pagesPublished: January 6, 2018


Travel books enable the reader to learn about the places they describe. People, throughout history, have travelled for very different reasons: because of climate changes, survival needs, the conquest of new territories or educational experiences. During the 17th and 18th centuries British upper and middle class young men travelled around Europe in order to learn about language, architecture, geography, and culture in an experience known as the Grand Tour. Although Spain was not part of this route, it aroused the interest of some travellers who wished to learn about this unknown country. These intrepid travellers left written evidence of everything they were discovering in travel books, reports, letters, etc. They described not only the historical and artistic patrimony but also its culture, customs, traditions and way of living. The main objective of this work is to introduce the loanwords used by Richard Twiss, one of those travellers who embarked on the idea of learning about Spain at the end of 18th century, along the pages of Travels through Portugal and Spain in 1772 and 1773. We aim to analyze those loanwords and state their origin, their frequency, the topics they refer to and whether they are accompanied by an explanation or an English equivalent.

Keyphrases: libros de viaje, Literatura de viajes, Préstamos lingüísticos, siglo XVIII, viajeros ilustrados

In: Alejandro Curado (editor). LSP in Multi-disciplinary contexts of Teaching and Research. Papers from the 16th International AELFE Conference, vol 3, pages 97--102

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