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Pragmatics and interpreting over the phone: An analysis of FTA

6 pagesPublished: January 6, 2018


A study about pragmatics and interpreting over the phone is being developed as part of a project developed by members of the academic field and the professional world. It focuses, more specifically, on public service interpreting and the strategies used by interpreters when facing the difficulties that arise during the course of their work. It goes without saying that remote interpretation requires a great deal of new strategies and skills that professionals must learn. Particularly complicated is the interpretation of FTA, which, according to our data, take place very frequently during conversations with linguistic mediation. At times, interlocutors hide behind the interpreter when expressing potentially offensive content; at other times, they expect the interpreter to modify the FTA, or may even assume that the interpreter will omit the offensive part of their speech. Professional telephone interpreters, who usually rely on their own set of skills and personal experiences, manage to develop a set of strategies to deal with these difficulties. We believe it is advisable to compile these strategies to provide useful, up to date and realistic training for telephone interpreters, both beginners and experts. In this article, we offer a series of examples taken from the first phase of our analysis, which consisted of the celebration of focus groups. Our objective is to isolate and describe the different reactions and solutions interpreters apply when faced with FTAs. The goal of this study is to create a list of recommendations and training material for current and future telephone interpreters.

Keyphrases: Conversaciones reales, Face threatening acts (FTA), Interpretación telefónica

In: Alejandro Curado (editor). LSP in Multi-disciplinary contexts of Teaching and Research. Papers from the 16th International AELFE Conference, vol 3, pages 85--90

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