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Morphological considerations on terminology for the touristic sector as applied to German for specific purposes

7 pagesPublished: January 6, 2018


The vast field of lexicology encompasses morphological as well as syntactical and semantical issues. Word-formation plays thus a preponderant role within lexicological research, since it provides the basis for stable models, that is, the formation of new words taking free morphemes as a starting point. This fact is especially relevant in German, a language with over half a million words of which only a few thousand are original (Götze, 20053), the rest being compounds or the result of other morphological means such as derivation as the most frequent one. The study of these words is especially relevant in the case of ad hoc neologisms. The aim of this paper will be to analyse terminology in the field of tourism from a morphological point of view in order to uncover the role of lexical morphology. This research work will focus on the German language, since the different word-formation processes are the most important resource for the expansion of vocabulary in a language, and constitute the most patent source of linguistic creativity in German.

Keyphrases: Lengua alemana con fines específicos, Léxico turístico, Morfología, terminología

In: Alejandro Curado (editor). LSP in Multi-disciplinary contexts of Teaching and Research. Papers from the 16th International AELFE Conference, vol 3, pages 72--78

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