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IoT - Smart Contract Rule Based Secure Communication Scheme For Healthcare System

EasyChair Preprint no. 1802

12 pagesDate: October 31, 2019


Abstract. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new technology that its expansion increases. One of the using purposes of sensor devices is to monitor patient conditions in a critical area as medical healthcare systems. The integration of medical devices, sensors, applications and humans have critical importance from the point of privacy and correctness and availability of digital services and related data. In this paper, an IoT backbone healthcare system was designed and tested its service availability with against frequent security attack types. Moreo-ver, under proposed solution; a Blockchain based smart contract structure is al-so integrated with IoT systems and behaviors of whole system were tried to simulate by Calvin and Etherium Frameworks.

Keyphrases: access control, Akıllı Sözleşmeler, Application Layer, attack, Blockchain, Certificate Authority, Cloud Storage, data injection, Ethereum private network, Healthcare, healthcare system, IoT, iot based e health application, iot blockchain based infrastructure, IoT device, IoT sensor network, iot smart contract rule, medical, Nesnelerin İnterneti, Patient Data, personal medical device, PKI scheme, Public Key Infrastructure, rule smart contract, Sağlık, secure communication, Security, smart contract

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