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Simulation of Autonomous RoboShuttles in Shared Space

11 pagesPublished: June 25, 2018


In the mobility sector, autonomous driving will become more and more part of our daily life. Most of all, in public transportation the research to exploit the new possibilities of autonomous driving has increased drastically. But the problem of the last mile is still unsolved, for example. The last mile is the problem to transport people from a transportation network (examples of endpoints are parking lots or bus station) to their final destination. A promising solution to this problem are autonomous RoboShuttles. Because of their low velocity, they can operate in the shared space where pedestrians and vehicles share the same traffic area. Therefore, in a shared space the interaction between them is greater than under normal traffic conditions, where the traffic flows are separated as much as possible. Through this higher interaction, new requirements on the autonomous vehicle arise. To explore the new requirements and to understand the interaction of a RoboShuttle in a shared space, a simulation scenario in SUMO is set up.

Keyphrases: autonomous driving, operation strategy, shared space, SUMO

In: Evamarie Wießner, Leonhard Lücken, Robert Hilbrich, Yun-Pang Flötteröd, Jakob Erdmann, Laura Bieker-Walz and Michael Behrisch (editors). SUMO 2018- Simulating Autonomous and Intermodal Transport Systems, vol 2, pages 183--193

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