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The Zoom Meeting Application for Virtual Classroom under Security Perfective

8 pagesPublished: September 20, 2022


The pandemic that is happening in this world greatly affects many outdoor activities. Especially in the sector of education, where all activities are carried out online. Almost all educational institutions ranging from elementary schools to lectures use video conferencing applications as a support for learning. Zoom is a web application and an application that is being used. Zoom really helps users to meet fellow users virtually. Even in a relatively young way and there is no time limit when we use a Pro account. however, this Zoom application has several security-related issues as well as audio and video displays. The security problem is a serious problem, therefore this matter is quickly handled by the Zoom. And quickly, even this application is developing very well. Then the problem Display audio and video. Sometimes, while Zooming is running, the sound volume produced is not stable. And also, there are often delays that can disrupt communication during meetings. This is certainly very important to handle because it involves the smooth running of the meeting, which certainly affects the quality of the application itself. We use the qualitative research methods such as Google Form for asking people online.

Keyphrases: Meeting Application, Security Perfective, The Zoom, virtual classroom

In: Tokuro Matsuo (editor). Proceedings of 11th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, vol 81, pages 342--349

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