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Light-tissue interactions of low level laser to support the chronic hepatitis patients

9 pagesPublished: January 16, 2022


In this paper, we present some results obtained from the simulation of low power 633, 780, 850, and 940 nm laser in the liver by Monte Carlo method, with the model of the liver, consisting of 5mm derm, 7mm subcutaneous fat, 5 mm muscle layer. Based on these results, we fabricated devices called “Laser Semiconductor Optoacupuncture and phototherapy Device” using 780 and 940nm semiconductor lasers to treat chronic hepatitis. We combined with the doctor in An Giang province to clinical practice for 50 voluntary patients with chronic hepatitis. We used a 650 nm wavelength intravascular semiconductor laser treatment clinically to provide high-quality blood to the patients’ liver. Treating the phototherapy of the skin with two semiconductor laser beams with 780 nm and 940 nm wavelengths directly affects the liver from the surface of the abdomen. At the moment, we use the treatment on acupoint with 940nm- wavelength laser. A treatment course consists of 20 times for the patients is treated continuously. The patients tested with the ALT and AST before and after treatment with 3 courses. We use the SPSS 23 statistical method to evaluate the outcomes of treatment. The clinical symptoms of the patients such as fatigue, nausea, indigestion, fever, jaundice, yellow eyes almost completely have gone out after treatment. Low-level laser therapy offers a good response in patients with moderate to severe hepatic impairment such as the AST of 56.380 ± 10.162 and 39.260 ± 4.869; The ALT of 56.540 ± 13.580 and 41,360 ± 7,488 for before- and after treatments, respectively. Low-level laser therapy for patients initially has good results, high therapeutic effectiveness, no catastrophic or side Effects, and the statistical significance is p < 0.001.
This research applied the ethical principles of the Helsinki Declaration in human researches. The research was carried out using non-invasive methods on humans with the regulations of the University of Technology, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, and the relevant regulations.

Keyphrases: heptatitis, Liver, low-level laser therapy

In: Tich Thien Truong, Trung Nghia Tran, Thanh Nha Nguyen and Quoc Khai Le (editors). Proceedings of International Symposium on Applied Science 2021, vol 4, pages 90--98

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