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Dynamic Analysis In Functionally Graded Material Plate Using A Meshless Method

13 pagesPublished: July 19, 2023


Functionally graded materials (FGMs) are complicated composites created using the concept of continuous variation of material property in one or more predetermined directions. FGMs have been used in the manufacturing of structural parts that are subjected to non-uniform functioning requirements in recent years. In a thermal protection system, for example, FGMs combine the benefits of traditional ceramics, such as corrosion and heat resistance, with those of metal, such as mechanical strength and rigidity. They are common in engineering practice, so static analysis and dynamic analysis for FGM plate structures are necessary. The radial point interpolation method (RPIM) meshless method has been used based on the point interpolation method (PIM) by including the radial basis function (RPF) in the interpolation formulation and has shown good performance in computational engineering. One of the advantages of this method is that it satisfies the Kronecker’s delta function, which overcomes the limitations of critical boundary conditions for the traditional meshless method. Furthermore, RPIM shape function satisfies the high-order continuity constraint, which the low-order finite element methods (FEM) method does not. This paper presents a meshless approach for the static and dynamic analysis of FGM plates whose material properties vary through the thickness. Numerical examples are solved and the results are compared with reference solutions or the results of FEM given by SOMSOL program to confirm the accuracy of the proposed method.

Keyphrases: dynamic analysis, Functionally graded materials, Meshless methods, Radial Point Interpolation Method

In: Trung Nghia Tran, Quoc Khai Le, Tich Thien Truong, Thanh Nha Nguyen and Hoang Nhut Huynh (editors). Proceedings of International Symposium on Applied Science 2022, vol 5, pages 23--35

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