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Proving Simpson's Four-Slot Algorithm Using Ownership Transfer

15 pagesPublished: May 15, 2012


Simpson's four-slot algorithm has been an instructive example in studying various assertional proof methods/logics geared towards shared variable concurrency. Previously, techniques like rely-guarantee, data refinement and resource separation have been applied to simplify the construction of its correctness proof. Still, an elegant, concise and insightful proof is elusive.

Recently with the new generation of logics coming of age which are, for the first time, equipped with ownership transfer, it becomes imperative to ask to what extent can ownership transfer facilitate a nice proof of the algorithm. Ownership transfer is especially promising here because the conflict resolution mechanism in the four-slot algorithm can be easily recast as an implementation based on ownership transfer.

Keyphrases: concurrency, logic, ownership transfer, verification

In: Markus Aderhold, Serge Autexier and Heiko Mantel (editors). VERIFY-2010. 6th International Verification Workshop, vol 3, pages 126--140

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