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La Collection Numérique : A way to (better) understand French HigherEd digital

10 pagesPublished: October 12, 2021


We propose to give a French experience feedback on a problem known to all of us in Europe in Higher Education: strategic decision support for HigherEd digital. We hypothesize that one of the elements of success in terms of decision making is the understanding of the HigherEd digital object, especially the impact. We propose to relate the experience of La Collection Numérique in the AMUE (the French shared-services agency for universities and other higher education and research Institutions) and how it contributes to better understand our digital? La Collection Numérique is a tool for prospective watch that deals with a given topic, in a systemic way, its interaction with the university’s digital. It’s a magazine proposed every two months to the French HigherEd community, and more particularly to the decision makers of Universities and Schools: Presidents, Directors, Digital Vice President, CIO, business departments.

Keyphrases: Digital Strategy, digital technology, higher education, info-communication device, prospective watch

In: Spiros Bolis, Jean-François Desnos, Lazaros Merakos and Raimund Vogl (editors). Proceedings of the European University Information Systems Conference 2021, vol 78, pages 49--58

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