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Dynamic Meta-Information Management for IoT-based Applications

10 pagesPublished: March 18, 2022


In recent days, the uses of Internet of Things (IoT) applications have been growing enormously. IoT considers the integration of business process models or process execution with resources of intelligent devices. The concept of process meta store (PMS) [1] optimizes the interactions between IoT devices and business processes. However, the mechanism of PMS highly depends on the meta-information of the system, associated devices, and interactions among them. In this context, a novel semantics of meta- information of process store (MIPS) for IoT-based applications is proposed in this paper. The semantics of various MIPS elements and their relationships are described using a class diagram. Further, a B+ tree-based indexing approach for the MIPS semantic is presented for efficient searching of meta-information. The semantics of MIPS are illustrated using the case study related to the clinical decision support system (CDSS). Moreover, a detailed comparative analysis has been carried out to show the expressiveness of MIPS.

Keyphrases: B+ tree, CDSS, IoT, JSON Schema, MIPS, Process Store (PS), searching algorithm

In: Bidyut Gupta, Ajay Bandi and Mohammad Hossain (editors). Proceedings of 37th International Conference on Computers and Their Applications, vol 82, pages 32--41

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