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Virtual Experimentation Complements Real-World Experimentation

10 pagesPublished: March 11, 2020


Studying biological systems is difficult because of complexity, variability, and uncertainty. Conceptual models and diagrams are useful in conveying ideas about how a biological phenomenon are thought to be generated. However, sophisticated modeling and simulation methods are needed to discover mechanism-based explanations. Presented herein is a new and unique methodology for this application. Using virtual experiment methods, we recently provided a plausible solution to a problem that had eluded and perplexed pharmacologists and toxicologists for more than 40 years. We describe how virtual and real-world experimentation can be complementary, and propose a way to partially automate the methodology to expedite research.

Keyphrases: Biomarker ALT release on Drug-Induced-Liver-Injury, Biomimetic Software Analogs, Experiment Agent, Model Mechanisms, virtual experimentation

In: Qin Ding, Oliver Eulenstein and Hisham Al-Mubaid (editors). Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, vol 70, pages 79--88

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