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Automation Is the Technique to Improve Production Rate

EasyChair Preprint no. 2355

5 pagesDate: January 10, 2020


Paper represents the increasing the efficiency of production by automation at different levels in industries. Production efficiency is the ratio between the input and the output parameters of the automated production process. Productivity is An effort is made to study the entire layout design of production line right from raw materials stage until finished product output with automation techniques. Production rate improvement is a plan of action towards manufacturing excellence and it is necessary to achieve good financial and operational performance.  Productivity becomes the dominant issues in the market place where customers make their buying decisions based on product quality, sometimes they can pay more for what they consider as high quality product.

Previously most organisations were using some techniques for increase production rate such as work measurement, method study and, cost reduction, modernization, investment in machine and equipment, re-engineering etc. automation is about speed, accuracy, and precision of the process. There are many levels where we can apply automation for better and accurate output. Automation is one of the most effective technique for reduction in cost , waste, scrap,  labour, time, and controlling quality, and improving overall performance of any machine, system or process. This paper talks about concept of automation tools and technique to be used for improving production efficiency and its advantages.

Keyphrases: Automation, cost reduction, Method study, Productivity, Work measurement

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