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Design and Analysis of Drone Propeller by Using Aluminium and Nylon Materials

EasyChair Preprint no. 10022

14 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


It is undeniable fact that the importance of drones has increased in every aspect of the daily life such as Defence, agriculture, film shooting, disaster management, transportation etc. In the view to increasing the efficiency of a drone, Using Solid works it is proposed to design the Drone Propellers and analyse the output parameters such as thrust produced, pressure and velocity of the propeller. The objective of this research work is to design thrust optimized blade of length 134mm and 167mm with a density of air 1.204 kg/m3 and perform thrust, velocity and pressure analysis with respect to change in material, RPM, angle, and length of the blade. The property of aluminium 1060 H12 and Nylon 101 being lightweight is chosen for designing and analysing of blades. The modal analysis shows the first natural frequency occurs at around 5000 RPM which is safe for operating the blade. So, it had been considered as 2500rpm and 3500rpm to calculate thrust and other parameters as mentioned. The CFD analysis of the model was performed in solid works and required parameters has been obtained.

Keyphrases: Aluminum 1060 H12, analysis, Nylon101, simulation

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