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Research on the Application Evaluation System of IP Visual Images in Leisure Agricultural Landscape Settings

EasyChair Preprint no. 12228

25 pagesDate: February 21, 2024


Focusing on the evaluation system of Intellectual Property (IP) visual images in leisure agricultural landscapes, this paper explores the pivotal role of IP visual images in designing such landscapes and their profound impact on the overall visual experience. Acknowledging the significance of incorporating IP visual elements, the research delves into its multifaceted implications. The critical issue centres on understanding how integrating IP visual images contributes to the attractiveness and competitiveness of leisure agricultural landscapes. The paper proposes an application evaluation framework and index system tailored for assessing IP visual images in leisure agricultural landscapes. The empirical study, utilising “Chang’an Tang Village” as a case, involves a comprehensive analysis of natural resources, cultural heritage, visibility, and landscape charm within the scenic spots. The research findings reveal that incorporating IP visual images significantly amplifies the allure and competitiveness of scenic spots. Through a detailed analysis of “Chang’an Tang Village,” the paper establishes a correlation between a well-crafted visual image of IP and increased tourist attraction. The identified positive impacts on attractiveness, competitiveness, and overall tourist experience offer valuable insights for both theoretical research and practical implementation. The insights gleaned from “Chang’an Tang Village” underscore the relevance and adaptability of the proposed framework, offering a valuable roadmap for landscape architects, policymakers, and stakeholders involved in the sustainable development of leisure agricultural spaces. As the global interest in sustainable and culturally rich tourism grows, this research is a timely and pertinent contribution to the evolving discourse on landscape design and its role in fostering meaningful visitor experiences.

Keyphrases: Cultural Knowledge Attributes, landscape design, Recreational Agriculture, sustainable development, visual evaluation

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