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ERP Integration with Performance Analytics: a Systematic Literature Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 4727

14 pagesDate: December 9, 2020


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have considerably become traditional as a part of organizations’ IT systems in the last decades. ERP systems’ research field have involved technology, project management and organizational learning since its birth. With the new big data era, ERP systems have been also progressively exposed to an extensive volume and variety of data in a short amount of time. Since then, a new study field regarding the linkage of these commercial systems with performance analytics to improve decision directions has emerged. Based on a systematic literature review methodology, the purpose of the present paper is to analyze recent research studies connecting ERP Systems to performance analytics. Proknow-C method was applied for a first iteration in Scopus. Results present a bibliographic portfolio analysis composed by 30 papers, being 70% journals and 30% conference papers. The interaction of both themes revealed that diverse environments have integrated analytics in ERP Systems to achieve smart management decisions. Although most studies have not reached many citations over time, the conjunction of both themes has been an important research issue worldwide. Author key-word analysis directed further research suggestions, identifying some possible extra key-words for ProKnow-C following iteration. The contribution of this paper is two-fold, a bibliometric analysis of the current scenario of ERP systems with performance analytics along with a summarized lessons learned of the present portfolio, connecting emergent technologies to cyber-security, organizational learning, hidden knowledge findings, active communication and multiple audit facilities as common output drivers for competitive performance.

Keyphrases: Big Data, Data Analytics, decision making, ERP system, Performance Analytics, Systematic Literature Review

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