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Food Supply Chain Traceability Scheme based on Blockchain and EPC Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 1525

10 pagesDate: September 15, 2019


In order to effectively detect and prevent food safety issues and track responsibilities, it is indispensable to establish a reliable traceable system. Ac-curate recording, sharing and tracking of specific data in food production, processing, warehousing, transportation and retailing is particularly important throughout the food supply chain. This paper proposes a safe food traceable scheme based on blockchain and EPC technology. Encoding food by EPC technology, using the Ethernet block chain and smart contract to effectively execute transactions, manage all transactions among participants involved in the supply chain ecosystem, to track and trace food in the entire agricultural supply chain. In addition, a data management system structure combining on-chain and off-chain is proposed, which uses IPFS to store data under the chain, to alleviate the data explosion in the block chain of the Internet of Things. Which provide safe, efficient and transparent food traceable scheme.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, EPC, Food Traceability, IPFS, smart contract

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