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Sabang-Weh Island Spatial Planning With Environmental Carrying Capacity Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 556

9 pagesDate: October 4, 2018


Sabang City is located in Weh Island, Aceh Province, as the end city of western Indonesia. Today it is known as a natural tourist destination, nautical and relics of the Dutch colonial period, the Japanese colonial period which is often found in Japanese bunkers or caves. As an island city, Sabang has a natural seaport with an ideal depth to dock between intercontinental ships that cross the Malacca Strait every day. But why does the city of Sabang not rise its economy, while the interest of foreign tourists seems to be endless to visit Sabang to date. Realizing this, the author will present the research process that is being carried out in relation to Weh Island Spatial Planning. The research methodology is based on the design development, by assessing the environmental carrying capacity and analysis related to the input and output of  materials for the daily needs of the residents of Sabang which are still very much related to supply from the mainland of Aceh and other regions in Indonesia. The supply of goods from abroad has not significantly affected of the environment. Through the Material Flow Analysis analysis, it will greatly assist the control and spatial planning of Sabang City in terms of providing land for the built environment in the urban area of Sabang City. small island is an important asset for the growth of economic activities, especially the tourism sector and seaports in Indonesia. Coastal area is a transitional area between terrestrial and marine ecosystems concerning management of coastal and small islands. Marine Coastal Conservation Areas (MPAs) have developed rapidly in the world since the 1980s. This is related to the world summit on sustainable development. Sabang including Marine Coastal Conservation Area. Position of Sabang - Weh Island area is an international maritime track connecting the Indian Ocean, the Malacca Strait, and the Pacific Ocean.

Keyphrases: city planning, Engineering, environmental carrying capacity

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