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Designing a Tool for Economics Students Digital Competence Measurement

EasyChair Preprint no. 6796

14 pagesDate: October 7, 2021


The article is devoted to the essence, approaches, and tools for the development and measurement of economics students’ digital competence. Apps of general and professional purpose according to their functionality and relevance for Ukrainian enterprises are generalized. The importance of the ability to select apps for a rational solution of professional tasks and the development of the digital competence of specialists are emphasized. The results of the survey of students of the Poltava State Agrarian Academy (Ukraine) are presented, to determine the main problems, advantages, and needs in the development of their digital competence. Analysis of foreign approaches (DigComp, DigCompEdu, DigCompOrg, OpenEdu, DigCompConsumers, EntreComp, etc.) contributed to the creation of a framework for economics students’ digital competence measurement. The framework covers the abilities (working with data, communication, content development, safety, problem-solving), indicators, and levels of digital competence development. The expert evaluation revealed that most experts (93,4%) evaluate the proposed project positively, and it can serve as a basis for developing narrower frameworks for specific economic or related specialties.

Keyphrases: digital competence, Digital Competence Framework, Digital Competence Measurement, Economics Students, expert evaluation, Future Economists, Professional Apps, survey

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