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Secure Cryptography Key Management System for Web Based Wallet Management System

EasyChair Preprint no. 3176

3 pagesDate: April 16, 2020


Cryptocurrencies are getting massive momentum in the last few years. Cryptocurrencies depend upon a secure distributed ledger called blockchain which stores blocks in a secure and chronological order. Although a large cryptocurrencies wallet management scheme has been proposed but they suffer from weak security. Thus effective cryptocurrency key management has become a much needed requirement for modern cryptocurrencies. In this paper, we propose a more effective, usable and secure cryptocurrency key management system named rashi that provides security enhanced storage, no password authentication. The performance analysis shows that our proposed system requires minimal additional overhead and has low time delays, enhanced security and efficient real - world deployment.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger, key management protocols, secure, wallet

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