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Emerging Issues and Challenges in HRM in the Pandemic Environment: a Theoretical Perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 7633

4 pagesDate: March 28, 2022


The present paper focuses on the emerging issues and challenges in HRM in the current pandemic scenario. There has been a dramatic change caused in this pandemic environment which has unprecedented implications on business organizations and have influenced human resource management intensely. It is seen that the HRM needs to take a lead with “human focused” approach in the present vague situation helping out the people to cope with stress and to continue with working from remote without affecting the business operations of the organization. Added, the HRM has to poise with the unexpected dismissal and decrease of the staff during the pandemic lockdown. The sudden shift in the work culture has bought in challenges for HR to sustain organizational operations in the times of uncertainty. This paper is not on the usual HR challenges of recruitment, training, development, performance assessment or building a balanced bridge between the employers and employees. It focuses on the current crisis that the organizations are confronting and also to highlight HR challenges and measures to overcome them.

Keyphrases: Adaptability, COVID-19, mental health, Remote working, well-being

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