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Emergence of digital services innovation as a path to business transformation: Case of Communication Services Providers in GCC region

EasyChair Preprint no. 585

7 pagesDate: October 24, 2018


Changing business dynamics and pace of digital transformation imperatives are forcing Communication Service Providers (CSPs) with more opportunities as well as threats. Purpose of this research article is to qualitatively explore and recommend a business model canvas perspective for incumbent communication services providers who are aspiring to transform as digital services providers. This study will also focus on how digital services innovations are emerging as a crucial path to business transformation, especially for global CSPs and how regional incumbent CSPs and telecom operators in GCC region are coping with their digital transformation challenges. Due to the contemporary and topical nature, this study is based on literature based exploratory investigation of latest industry reports and academic research with a combination of insights from a wide range of published sources. Telecommunications industry specific reports of international organizations’ such as TM Forum and World Economic Forum are duly included for better comprehension and practicality. Comprehending the trends of current digital transformation priorities by global CSPs and consultative recommendations from industry re-search reports, this study provides a new perspective to understand digital services innovation options for CSPs in business model elements perspective. A comparison of current digital transformation approaches of regional CSPs in the GCC region are provided for better contextualization. As practical implication, inferences made by this study in the form of business model canvas components will help managers and practitioners as an useful tool for further detailed operational planning towards their digitalization goals.

Keyphrases: Business ecosystems, business models, Business Transformation, digital services, Digital Transformation, platforms

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