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EasyChair Preprint no. 9049

10 pagesDate: October 18, 2022


In Present condition the shortage of electricity is the big problem for industrial growth as well as rural developing. As it is known that natural resources will finish one day. That's why researchers are trying to introduce substitute energy sources from nature. That must he green and not harmful for the environment Energy harvesting is defined as capturing mimne amounts of energy from one or more of the surrounding energy sources. Human beings have already started to use energy harvesting technology in the form of windmill, geothermal and solar energy. The energy from natural sources, termed as renewable energy. Shortage of electricity has its effects on India's Developing Growth. To solve such types of problem strong electricity generating techniques need to be developed with the help of wasting human energy for our better future. In electrical power is generated as Non-Conventional method by simply driving cars on speed breaker. Non-Conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. Mechanical Energy (Non-Conventional energy) into the Electrical Energy by driving vehicle. Due to this a lot of energy resources have been exhausted and wasted. Proposal for the utilization vehicle motion is very much relevant and important for highly populated countries like India and China where millions of traffic are found on roads that move around the Clock. When vehicles pass through Speed Breakers a certain amount of pressure is applied on the piezoelectric plate. When the pressure applied on the plate, it is converted to its electric energy and the electrical voergy p stored in a capacitor. Stored electric energy is used to glow the street light during night time. In future. Piezoelectricity might become a very useful source in reducing the energy crisis to a great extent. Some of the fields in which we can use piezoelectricity are the street lights.

Keyphrases: Capacitor, Piezoelectric, storage

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