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Production & Experiment Efficiency of Activated Carbon Using Peltophorum Seeds (COPPER POD)

EasyChair Preprint no. 11963

20 pagesDate: February 5, 2024


This study explores the eco-friendly and sustainable production of charcoal from Peltophorum
seeds through controlled pyrolysis. It focuses on optimizing temperature, duration, and oxygen
levels for efficient conversion, emphasizing the quality and yield of the resulting charcoal. The
goal is to utilize Peltophorum seeds, considered agricultural waste, for value-added applications
like charcoal production. This approach addresses environmental concerns related to waste
management and contributes to the demand for renewable energy. The study includes an analysis
of the produced charcoal, evaluating its calorific value, porosity, and potential applications in
industries such as metallurgy, agriculture, and energy production. Additionally, environmental
implications, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and potential carbon sequestration, are
investigated. The economic feasibility and socio-environmental impacts of scaling up this charcoal
production method are also briefly discussed.

Keyphrases: keywords, ❖ Activated Carbon, ❖ Arsenic Metal, ❖ Carbonization, ❖ Charcoal, ❖ Peltophorum Seeds

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