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Electrification as a Solution to Carbon Neutral Society

EasyChair Preprint no. 5196

3 pagesDate: March 23, 2021


This study demonstrates how various power system engaged part-solutions can be combined as a functional, operable, and climate neutral electric power system. This is a simulation study taking the Finnish electric energy system as a case study. A chief aim here is to study how investments e.g. in wind and solar power production, heat pumps on a large scale, and increased number of chargeable electric vehicles influences the other components and operability of the existing power system. In this way we can obtain new insights on how different part-solutions function together and how they imply on energy prices and emissions. This is a simulation study made by freely available IRENA FlexTool modelling tool. The modelling results are combined with an analysis of what policy measures and instruments the transition to modelled 2030 and 2050 scenarios are likely to require to become actually implemented in the society. In other words, what kind of political regulation is needed to achieve the goals of functional and climate neutral power system. It is very important to analyse this problem in a systemic perspective, how different decisions and actions effect on the system level, instead of typical local optimization ignoring the systemic effects. In this study we will present different scenarios about the structures and functionality of the national power system on 2030 and 2050. According to these results we will assess the feasibility of different options, and what kind of regulation will be needed to achieve this desired state. This study is a part of the research project “Transition to a resource efficient and climate neutral electricity system” (EL-TRAN), financed by The Strategic Research Council of Academy of Finland.

Keyphrases: carbon neutral society, electrification, power system, simulation

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