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MLearning Applications Modeling Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 7343

6 pagesDate: January 18, 2022


Mobile learning is an effective means of using mobile technologies to enhance traditional learning and expand the perspectives of the learning process itself. In a mobile learning environment, the main objective is to offer the learner the educational resource adapted to their profile and the context of the mobile device used. In the literature, several approaches have been proposed to address the limitations of mobile learning environments. In addition, design pattern technology has shown its effectiveness in developing software for various fields. This software engineering technique allows for the definition or re-use of patterns while taking into account the principles and means of good design related to ergonomics and performances aspects. These design patterns provide the following features: Reusable, Consistent, Easy to Use and Reliable. So design patterns can be seen as a promising solution that can reduce the limitations of mobile learning environments. In this article we try to propose a design pattern engineering approach for the development of Mlearning applications.

Keyphrases: adaptive learning, design patterns, mobile learning, pattern engineering, Reusability

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