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Enhancing Autonomous Language Learning Through Mobile Apps: Users’ Experience of Online Classes

EasyChair Preprint no. 6825

12 pagesDate: October 10, 2021


The purpose of this descriptive research study is to determine that university students developed autonomy on their own time and space by using apps that enriched students’ English language skills. In order to achieve the goal a research question was developed: to what extent the use of mobile apps contributed to the autonomous language learning process, whose results describe students’ experience through a Likert Scale Survey for students of Intermediate level. Many people consider mobile devices as a way of entertainment, without noticing that they offer opportunities to enrich language learning. Besides, autonomous learning is fundamental not only to increase students’ knowledge, but also as way to experience on their own and make them more responsible. At the beginning of mobile application was a challenge for learners due to the lack of knowledge of using them properly. However, 70% of them answered that mobile-app gave them a positive experience in their autonomous learning and 69% mentioned m-apps really maximized their language learning. Nowadays teachers’ role should give all the mechanisms for learners to succeed through technology especially by using mobile apps and make learners more autonomous in the language learning process. As a future research work, the researcher intends to explore and report on learners’ own choice to use smartphones for acquiring and mastering English language.

Keyphrases: autonomous learning, English language learning., mobile application

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