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Cost of Information Protection from Internal Threats for the Company's Business Process

EasyChair Preprint no. 6695

11 pagesDate: September 26, 2021


The article is devoted to the search for cost criteria when choosing the information protection option of the business process of a commercial firm from internal threats. The system analysis of CRM systems, which are often used in modern business processes in companies, allowed authors to identify "weaknesses" - channels of threats of possible future damages, which allows us to improve information security management systems from the point of view of determining the cost of its protection. Business process scheduled in stages of business operations allows you to get a criterion for determining the cost of protecting business information and not to spend above the norm.

Keyphrases: business process, Business process stages and their cost of protection from internal threats, Business task, Choosing an information security strategy, Criteria for evaluating information security costs, Information Security, information security risk, information threat, organization business process, Rational cost of business process information protection, threat model

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