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Li-Fi for Secured Access to Wireless Network During Online Examination in Classrooms

EasyChair Preprint no. 11519

10 pagesDate: December 13, 2023


The traditional conduction of examinations need to use physical copies of question paper and answer sheets, which are then evaluated by the evaluators. However, in a post pandemic era, where the emphasis is more on the minimal usage of physically transferable materials, safe conduction of examinations in the classroom environments becomes challenging. Conduction of examination in complete online mode requires wireless access to the Wi-Fi access points, however, as the range of the Wi-Fi access point goes beyond the classrooms, there is possibility of accessing the network from outside classroom which is not desired. With an aim to address these issues, in this paper a novel approach for providing dynamically changing passwords using visible light communication is designed, implemented and tested for connecting to the wireless network. The setup is useful in the environment where restricted physical access is needed to ensure system and network security.

Keyphrases: Li-Fi, mobile application, online exam, Optical Camera Communication, Visible Light Communication, Wi-Fi

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