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Time and Cost Optimization of Construction Project using Mivan Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 7452

6 pagesDate: February 12, 2022


              Construction is one of the significant sectors and integral part of Indian economy. Also, it is of the important parameter in development of country. India is desperately planning for rapid manufacturing and creation of dwelling units for economical construction facilities Formwork enables to cast and construct the important elements and components of any construction facilities, which are required to be strong and effectively handle the structure. Mivan is comparatively a new construction technology upcoming for successful completion of mass project especially repetitive in nature. In this paper we have discussed about cost as well as time comparison of mivan technology with conventional formwork technology. The Mivan technology is appreciably efficient with cost, quality and time saving as compare to conventional one. The basic ideology is to reach conclusion regarding the superiority of the two techniques over another.
“For undertaking mass housing works, it is necessary to have innovative technologies which are capable of fast rate construction and are able to deliver good quality and durable structure in cost effective manner.”

Keyphrases: aesthetic view, cost saving, Speedy construction, time optimization

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