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Design and Implementationof Digital Hologram Display

EasyChair Preprint no. 9132

11 pagesDate: October 26, 2022


This project comprises of 
circular display made by a string of 
LEDs. Using a motor and some power 
trans-unit, LED string mounted on a 
printed circuit board are duly interfaced 
to a SoC . This displays some message 
and a clock timing taking advantage of 
persistence of vision . Without the single 
line of LEDs in space multiplexing mode 
if one would have to display a photo, 
number of LEDs as high as around 
82,000 would have been used. Here the 
project uses only 360 LEDs. Thus 
material count, hardware requirement, 
brings the overall cost to very affordable 
price. The synchronizing is being 
implemented through software.
AeroGram Displays is a new type 
of LED display in which it uses 
Persistence Of Vision(POV) as its 
principal. POV is a type of optical 
illusion, Persistence of vision (POV) 
refers to the phenomenon of the human 
eye in which an afterimage exists for a 
brief time. A POV display uses this 
phenomenon to recreate holograms using 
LED display .It creates the images in 
mid-air with a 1-Dimensional led Line 
and a motor which help it to take a 2-
dimensional form. By using proper 
content we can make it look like 3D 
images and videos.

Keyphrases: Digital hologram display, LED, POV

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