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A Study on Awareness of Grievance Handling Mechanism in Education Sector in India

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9 pagesDate: December 7, 2022


A grievance is any form of discomfort/dissatisfaction or a feeling of unfairness in the workplace pertaining to work of the employee or related to the employment terms. Where there is a diverse group of individuals working together as a unit there ought to exist some or the other form of a grievance. Hence all organizations irrespective of any sector or industry tend to establish a grievance management mechanism that can help balance the needs and establish certain procedures as suited by the organization or institution. The main purpose of this paper is to study the level of awareness of grievance-handling mechanisms among the employees of the education sector in India Methodology: The study is descriptive in nature purely based on the secondary data collected from various internet sources, research thesis, articles, and journals. Findings : The study revealed that the teachers working as employees in the education sector has a moderate level of awareness about the grievance mechanisms established for redressal of grievances. The paper also concludes that the teachers/employees are well aware as to whom they have to present and report to file their complaint/redressal. Research limitations : The present study is prepared with limited research material available particularly for the education sector. The research focuses on the awareness of grievance handling mechanisms only in the education sector and cannot be generalized for any other sector which is another limitation. Practical implications : The results of the study will be helpful to the human resource department of the institutions concerned and will also help the management to get an idea about the level of awareness among the teachers. The finding of the study will also be significant to the employees/teachers to consider such processes useful and in utilize this opportunity to resolve their problems whenever they are at a spot experiencing some grievance.

Keyphrases: Employee employer relations, Grievance, Grievance handling mechanisms, Industrial harmony

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