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The Craft Complex for the Rehabilitation of Displace Woman

EasyChair Preprint no. 7329

15 pagesDate: January 11, 2022


This abstract presents a sustainable architectural project aims to rehabilitate human beings in post-war areas. It is intended for women. It is flexible with simple modification and teach handicrafts, and a mine for skills development, housing for women from outside the state, an exhibition and a library, social and sports branches, and outdoor playgrounds. It is also a general administration for refugee affairs .


• Providing job opportunities for the displaced or refugees • Contributes to the craft industry • Benefit from sustainable, local raw materials • Educating displaced -refugees and rural women and local people and providing educational opportunities deprived of them by wars and conflicts • Encourage and promote peace • The center provides education & training opportunities • Directs users from consumers to productive people . • Eradication of illiteracy in the region in an easy and concatenated way • Utilizing human and environmental resources to improve the situation of families and society • Self-sufficiency in the region and the country and opening the door for export in the future

Keyphrases: Architectural project, hand craft, Rehabilitation

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