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Numerical Simulation by Finite Elements for Redistribution of Plantar Pressure in Ergonomic Insoles

EasyChair Preprint no. 4036

8 pagesDate: August 16, 2020


When performing a sport activity there are different factors that influence the practice, including footwear and its components. One of the main components of footwear is the insole, which is responsible for contact with the foot, these can have different purposes, such as: odor control, plantar arch support, reduce pain, humidity control, cushioning, among others. Based on CAE, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has become a very popular tool thanks to its versatility and accuracy for modeling different footwear components. The aim of this project is to do a numerical simulation by finite element analysis for approve the functionality of ergonomic insoles of different materials that integrate the anthropometric characteristics of the user. The protocols were created to evaluate the baropodometric characteristics with a Baropodometer and a PodoScan2D (Sensor Medica®). The insole was designed using ABAQUS CAE student version and six materials were tested to obtain their mechanical properties using a universal testing machine (Instron), the combination that best redistributes the plantar pressure was found applying this methodology.

Keyphrases: Biomechanics, Ergonomic insoles, Finite element analisys, plantar pressure

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