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Analysis of Urban Information of Colombia on Wikidata

EasyChair Preprint no. 1754

13 pagesDate: October 23, 2019


Wikidata started in 2012 is a free, open, multilingual, collaborative, linked and structured knowledge base. During the last couple of years, Wikipedia communities of different languages have started exploring the use of Wikidata as a central store of information, where the community members can directly add structured data on Wikidata to be later be used by all the language editions of Wikipedia. However, making it a central store has several challenges, especially when key information like administrative heads, population etc. are outdated. In this article, we will first consider the available urban data related to some of the main cities of Colombia on Wikidata and see what type of information are currently contributed by the community members. We will then compare the historic evolution of these contributions with respect to the size of the cities in terms of the area, population, tourists as well as the influence of important moments and events in the recent history of Colombia. We will also focus on the frequency and recency of the contributions. The analysis of these data is important since it will ensure that relevant government agencies, Wikidata community members and tourism organizations to work together to keep the information up to date. We will also discuss how our study can be further explored by other cities as well as countries for ensuring timely information on Wikidata and associated Wikimedia projects.

Keyphrases: collaboration, open data, Wikidata

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