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Music rhythm customized mobile application based on information extraction

EasyChair Preprint no. 1479

6 pagesDate: September 6, 2019


Information extraction technology to be able to measure, store, collect all kinds of information, especially the direct access to important information, which is based on mobile applications and more convenient for the information gathering process,user and information feedback, greatly reduce the cost of information technology, makes the implementation of large-scale information extraction technology possible.As for this paper,first of all,mainly introduces the basic theory of music rhythm customization mobile application;Secondly, the development and implementation of this application are introduced;Finally, it summarizes and anticipates the future development trend of music rhythm customization technology.After implementation, users only need to import music or video that they want to modify, select the corresponding style or double speed, and then get relevant audio results through system software processing.And make music rhythm customization easy to operate, which remove a lot of irrelevant operations,so that users do not need to know the relevant professional knowledge can be processed.

Keyphrases: Audio processing;, Information extraction;, mobile application, Rhythm tracking;

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