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Revolutionizing Thermal Performance: Modeling Coal Combustion for Energy Optimization

EasyChair Preprint no. 11538

10 pagesDate: December 16, 2023


This research paper delves into the transformative realm of "Revolutionizing Thermal Performance: Modeling Coal Combustion for Energy Optimization." As the global demand for energy continues to escalate, optimizing the efficiency of coal combustion systems becomes imperative for sustainable and reliable energy production. This study employs advanced computational modeling techniques to simulate and analyze the intricacies of coal combustion processes, with a primary focus on achieving significant advancements in thermal performance. The research methodology integrates computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and sophisticated heat transfer models to create a comprehensive numerical framework. This framework is designed to capture the multifaceted dynamics of coal combustion, encompassing factors such as combustion kinetics, particle characteristics, and fluid flow patterns. The outcomes are expected to provide valuable insights into strategies for revolutionizing thermal performance, with the ultimate goal of maximizing energy output while minimizing environmental impact.

Keyphrases: computational modeling, energy optimization, Thermal performance

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