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Economic Viability and Cost-Benefit Analysis of LD-WPT Technology in Solar Panels

EasyChair Preprint no. 10931

7 pagesDate: September 20, 2023


The widespread adoption of sustainable energy solutions plays a crucial role in tackling the worldwide energy crisis and addressing environmental issues. This comprehensive review examines the economic viability and conducts a cost-benefit analysis of incorporating Long-Distance Wireless Power Transfer (LD-WPT) technology into solar panels. Through an assessment of elements like the initial capital outlay, ongoing operational expenditures, and the prospective long-term savings, this paper illuminates the economic feasibility of integrating LD-WPT technology into efficient and compact solar panel systems. The results underscore LD-WPT's potential to transform energy economics significantly and facilitate the extensive uptake of renewable energy resources.

Keyphrases: Energy sustainability analysis, LD-WPT solar panel integration, Long-distance wireless power transfer (LD-WPT), Renewable energy cost-benefit, Solar panel economics

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