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Cyber-Victimological Problems in the Context of Information Security of Ukraine

EasyChair Preprint no. 5270

19 pagesDate: April 1, 2021


The article considers cyber-victimological problems that arise as a result of information violence perpetrated by some political parties and anti-Ukrainian organizations with the help of certain TV and radio companies, as well as the information and telecommunication Internet network. In the information society, information violence is able to capture broad sections of society and become a whole industry of influencing the mentality, consciousness and behavior of people. The most subtle variant of information violence is information terrorism, the purpose of which is to weaken and shake the constitutional order of a certain state, as well as the information war against that state. The methodological basis of our study is an integrative approach. We use the concept of cyber-victimization as a heuristic research tool. The study revealed the main manifestations of cyber-victimization of certain groups of Ukrainian citizens, in which purposefully form not only contempt for Ukraine and Ukrainians, but also uncriticalness, indifference, passivity, increased anxiety, inability to defend their rights, reduced motivation to achieves, strong fears, feelings of annoyance and envy, unwillingness to take responsibility, justifying negative and aggressive behavior of others, etc. The article identifies the social consequences of the process of cyber-victimization. It has been proven that people with high and medium competence in the fields of cybersecurity and Ukrainian studies can best resist the destructive information and psychological influences. Constructive cooperation of cybersecurity specialists, lawyers and psychologists will allow to develop effective methods of cyber-victimization prevention and reliable means providing of information security in Ukraine.

Keyphrases: citizens of Ukraine, Cyber victimization, ICT-sphere, Information Security, information violence

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