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Sustainable Construction Material

EasyChair Preprint no. 1196

7 pagesDate: June 15, 2019


The concept of sustainability is creating big discussions, it can be defined in different ways. PVC is one of the most common, widely used, and earliest plastic developed to use commercially. International standards are in most countries used to control the production, qualities, and use of PVC. This material has a wide range of long-life applications such as, pipes, flooring, cables, window frames, children toys, a big variety of life saving medical devices, etc. PVC can be recycled multiple times. The professional designers, architects, specifiers and engineers must be well informed about low impact products, sustainable systems and technologies. The selection of those products will make a considerable impact to achieve sustainability. PVC sheet piles can be an alternative material to rock, wood, steel and concrete for the construction industry. They are production-, logistics-, and assembly friendly thanks to their lightweight construction. Simple and fast installation using standard and non-heavy equipment, which gives a significant CO2 reduction.

Keyphrases: PVC, PVC sheet piles, Sustainability, Sustainable construction material

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