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Declarative approaches for Compliance by Design

EasyChair Preprint no. 20

15 pagesDate: March 21, 2018


The interest of scholars in devising automated methods to describe and analyse business processes is increasing in the last decades due to the extreme interest of organisations in achieving their business objective while remaining compliant with the relevant normative system. Adhering with the relative normative system does not only avoid to incur in severe sanctions but results in greater confidence by the consumers and prestige for the organisation. Defining processes through the paradigm declarative specifications is gaining momentum due to its intrinsic characteristic of being able to capture business as well as normative specifications within the same framework. We describe some of the state of the art techniques in the field of Business Process Compliance, focusing on pros and cons and advancing future lines of research.

Keyphrases: Compliance, Declarative Business Processes, defeasible logic, rules

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