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Smart objects for smart cities — the use of Internet of things in public spaces

EasyChair Preprint no. 1372

5 pagesDate: August 7, 2019


Urban public space is the second habitat for people other than their home. It is also a spiritual place related to the city identity in which is meaningful for the construction of smart cities. The current smart city model prioritize the technology and information connection. However, city is a sophisticated entity .Each city is unique, with its own historical development path, current characteristics and future dynamic. As the developing of smart cities in the future, the city identity should not disappear but be protected with a new scenario, such as with Internet of Things technology. City public space design can co-work with the Internet of Things technology to build city way-finding system.

In this case, in order to have a clear scenario about how the cities connect with people, both natives and strangers, this paper will firstly discuss about the urban infrastructure design and public space design in the cities in some different parts of the world, base upon its history, geography, architecture, culture, etc. Secondly, based on the understanding of the various elements of the city, combine with Internet of Things technology, rethinking profoundly the construction of smart cities. last but not least, based on the view of protect culture diversity, this paper aims at discussing the possible ways to building up the city identities, and contributes to provide a proposal for the sustainable development of  the smart city.

Keyphrases: Identity Design, Infrastructure design, Smart City, Urban IoT

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