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The Descriptive Data Analysis for e-Learning Cloud-Based Factor Adoption

EasyChair Preprint no. 4719

3 pagesDate: December 8, 2020


Cloud-based eLearning network environment for Institution of higher learning (HLI) gives a higher impact and come most important used today. There are many advantages for IHL in using the e-Learning cloud-based network environment. Therefore, in adoption to cloud-based network environment a few of factor adoption need to be considered by the IHL for successful adoption of eLearning cloud-based network environment. Thus to identify the factor adoption the opinion from the employee that have experiences in using cloud-based network environment is needed. The data gathering among the experiences employee in using cloud-based network environment is conducted to get the important success factor adoption needed. Thus the data analysis was conducted to measure the factor adoption identify systematically. The analysis was identifying the interaction of the factor adoption that will be present by the experiences employee. The analysis of the employee context was driven with shown the awareness, benefit and motivation as a success factor adoption. Therefore, the descriptive analysis was conducted to prove either the factor is an important factor as a success factor adoption needed in adoption an e-Learning Cloud-based network environment. Thus the outcome of the study was shown the result of descriptive data analysis in identifying the important factor that contributed for the successful adoption of e-learning cloud-based network environment. Onward can be a benchmark for other IHL in adoption e-Learning network environment.

Keyphrases: Adoption, cloud-based, data analysis, descriptive, e-learning

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