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The Effect of COVID-19 Lockdown on Design Studio Learning and Architecture Students’ Performance

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18 pagesDate: June 21, 2022


The first UK lockdown halted all facets of life and quickly became the greatest challenge the education system has ever faced. In order to continue teaching curriculums remote learning was promptly adopted as the emergency method as a substitute learning environment to continue teaching curriculums. Discussions surrounding the effectiveness of remote teaching emerged after the initial year of the lockdown with many studies worldwide surveying universities and student performance across all courses. Study findings claimed no change in performance however the lack of specific research and different pedagogies in architecture compared to typical lecture-based learning subjects suggests otherwise. This paper explores the adaptability of architecture in remote learning, in comparison to face-to-face, and its effect on students’ academic performance.

This study targeted British architecture-based students and their experience with remote learning surrounding the UK lockdowns and subsequent hybrid learning methods. The nuanced differences between architecture-based pedagogies were explored through an extensive literature review of fundamental, modern and current pedagogies. In a remote learning environment, the said pedagogies were affected, and design studio did not translate well to the remote teaching style.

Keyphrases: Architecture, design studio, pedagogy, Remote Learning

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