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Sainik: an Ai Based Android App Using ML for Volunteering

EasyChair Preprint no. 9236

6 pagesDate: November 3, 2022


The current available modern technology has made possible for us to have many more volunteers to participate in the conservation of our environment and help in the sustainable development. This allows for providing opportunities to people to contribute to the society. This has brought around an expanding number of versatile phone-based citizen science ventures that are outlined to get to these gadget highlights as well as to reach diverse client bunches, over distinctive venture lengths, and with diverse points and objectives. Here by integrating machine learning and predictive analysis, we can bring to life the basic idea of having people volunteer in these programs to help the environment. The Sainik application will help in accommodating all these ideas to fulfil the desire to help preserve our environment. It also provides people especially the youth to contribute to the safekeeping of our environment.

Keyphrases: Android Application, ML model, Random Forest Bagging, volunteering

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