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Smart Shoes for Visually and Hearing Impaired Individuals

EasyChair Preprint no. 13344

8 pagesDate: May 18, 2024


This research paper presents the design, development, and evaluation of a novel smart shoe system aimed at enhancing accessibility and safety for visually and hearing-impaired individuals. The smart shoe system integrates advanced sensor technologies, including ultrasonic sensors and a vibration sensor, along with an Arduino microcontroller and buzzer alert system. The sensors detect obstacles and hazards in the wearer's path, while the buzzer provides auditory alerts for obstacle avoidance and navigation guidance. Additionally, a vibration sensor offers tactile feedback for hearing impaired users, ensuring inclusivity in alert mechanisms. Results indicate that the smart shoe system effectively enhances mobility and independence for users, providing timely alerts and navigation assistance in various environments. Feedback from user trials demonstrates high levels of satisfaction and confidence in navigating unfamiliar surroundings. Furthermore, the system's adaptability and customization options cater to individual user preferences and needs.

Keyphrases: Arduino Uno, hardware, Internet of Things, Smart Shoes, Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04, Vibration Motor

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