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Relationships between crime and everyday factors

EasyChair Preprint no. 483

6 pagesDate: September 2, 2018


Technological development in every aspect of human life has formed wider analytical approach to the crime. The genesis and structure of crime, its intensity, and dynamics are subjects of intense scientific research carried out by researchers in various fields of science. At the same time, the crowd-sourced open data-sets as social media and Internet data-sets can be a valuable source of knowledge about various behavior patterns, and social phenomena, including those of criminal nature. This paper aims to present some results of observations, simulations, and prediction of crimes and their correlations to the physical environmental factors like weather or distance to the point of interest. The results are based on qualitative and quantitative data obtained from existing open resources. The research may be useful to model forces and police means to prevent and combat crime effectively.

Keyphrases: crime prediction, open data, simulation

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