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Ethics of Assessment in Higher Education – an Analysis of AI and Contemporary Teaching

EasyChair Preprint no. 11445

7 pagesDate: December 4, 2023


This study delves into the evolving landscape of higher education assessment, specifically
examining the ethical considerations arising from the integration of artificial intelligence (AI)
and contemporary teaching methods. As technology transforms the educational sphere, the
ethical dimensions of AI-driven assessments become increasingly pertinent. The abstract begins
by highlighting the pivotal role assessments play in higher education and how advancements in
AI, coupled with modern teaching approaches, are reshaping traditional evaluation practices. The
study aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the ethical implications associated with this
transformation. Throughout the research, the ethical considerations surrounding AI in higher
education assessment are scrutinized. Questions of fairness, bias, transparency, and
accountability take center stage as we explore the delicate balance between leveraging
technological innovations for efficient evaluation and maintaining ethical standards in academia.
In addition to the ethical analysis, the abstract emphasizes the relevance of considering
contemporary teaching methods alongside AI. The synergy between these two factors is
examined in the context of fostering a holistic and ethical approach to student assessment.

Keyphrases: AI, Cybersecurity, Education

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