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Climate Impact Rating Label

EasyChair Preprint no. 5535

6 pagesDate: May 18, 2021


Environmental Impact labelling on products is an informative way to aware consumers about how the products that they use in their day to day life impact the environment. This information becomes important to compare different products not just on the basis of costs and other relevant factors but also upon how it impacts the environment. This project aims to create a system which will give consumers the ability to know the environmental impact of a product at the point of purchase by scanning the product barcode or by searching for the product. The information about the product’s environmental impact is visible to the consumer in the form of a graphical label which displays a rating out of five about the product's environmental impact. It also displays ratings of certain parameters taken into account like material used, impact in use, recycle, etc. Manufacturers provide the environmental information about their products which is posted to a central database. The end product is basically a centralized system enabling manufacturers to post data about their product’s environmental impact and consumers to compare and choose products with better environmental rating. Such a centralized system sharing environmental data is the first step towards an environmentally sustainable economy.

Keyphrases: Climate Impact Rating Label, computer engineering vesit, Energy Sustainable, Environmental labelling, Impact Rating, sustainable development

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