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A Novel Approach for Traceability & Detection of Counterfeit Medicines Through Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 2539

6 pagesDate: February 4, 2020


The production and distribution of counterfeit tablets is an urgent and increasingly critical worldwide issue, specially in developing countries. The market cost of pharmaceutical counterfeiting has reached billions of dollars annually. One of the reasons for tablets counterfeiting is the imperfect supply chain device in pharmaceutical industry. Drugs change ownership from manufacturers to wholesaler; distributor and then pharmacist earlier than it reach the customer. In existing supply chain gadget, data isn’t always shared between systems, producers don t know what happened to their products, pills regulatory authority has no visibility of the system, recalls are complex and costly, and corporations cannot follow-up patients. In this paper we explain the way to use block-chain generation in pharmaceutical deliver chain to feature traceability, visibility and protection to the drugs deliver device. The proposed gadget may be used in pharmaceutical industry to track the tablets from its manufacturing until its delivery to patient. After using a drug, its effect on patient will be recorded to a database for future statistics. A authorized block-chain could be used for storing transactions and only trusted parties may be allowed to join the community or system and push all the records to blockchain

Keyphrases: Blockchain, counterfeit-medicines, pharmaceutical industries, Security, Supply Chain Management, Traceability

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